Tuesday, June 10, 2008

If Collage isn't functioning correctly...

Every so often an e-mail comes in describing a problem when using Collage: the drop-down menus do not work. For instance, when the user clicks to change from "Deploy Folders" mode to "Contribution" mode nothing happens.

This is usually because Collage is missing a plug-in, or more specifically an "ActiveX Control."

Here's how you can get the plug-in on any Windows-based computer on the Northeastern network:

Go to Start Menu > Settings > Control Panel > Add Remove Programs > Add New
Programs > Serena Collage Plugin 1.0 and click install.

Quit your browser, start your browser again and log in again to Collage.

The menus will work fine now that the plug-in is installed.


TheGreat said...
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TheGreat said...

What if the windows-based computer is not on the Northeastern network how else can the user install the active X control.